Post Election Thoughts

I have been thinking for a while about what to write and say. I am still shocked, mad, and sad just as I was 24 hours ago. Overall, I am not particularly worried about myself being a white cis straight man, but Trump mocking the reporter with a disabilities brings up painful memories of being bullied for my disability in school and the continued ableism I face every single day of my life.

No, instead, I am scared for others. I am scared for my infant daughter. What kind of world are Jenn and I raising her in? Is it fair to her? I am worried about my LGTQIA+ friends, particularly queer people of color. I wonder about if my Muslim friends will ever feel safe for Friday prayers in a Trump America. I think about the refugee families my Quaker meeting sponsors and think about if they will face persecution yet again. And the refugee families around the world waiting on whether the US will welcome them with open arms or close the doors to them completely.

At the same time, I wonder how much of this would still be true in a Hillary Clinton presidency. I am ready to continue to fight for peace and justice in my community, my nation, and the world, no matter who controls the Presidency and Congress. I am ready to fight for a USA that I want to live in, not give up the country to hate and fear.

Here I turned to probably one of my favorite poems that was in:

Silver­‐Lined Heart

I’m for reckless abandon
and spontaneous celebrations of nothing at all,
like the twin flutes I kept in the trunk of my car
in a box labeled Emergency Champagne Glasses!

Raise an unexpected glass to long, cold winters
and sweet hot summers and the beautiful confusion of the times in between.
To the unexpected drenching rain that leaves you soaking
wet and smiling breathless;

Here’s to the soul‐expanding power of the universally
optimistic simplicity of the beautiful.

See, things you hate, things you despise,
multinational corporations and lies that politicians tell,
injustices that make you mad as hell,
that’s all well and good.
And as far as writing poems goes,
I guess you should.
It just might be a poem that gets Mumia released,
brings an end to terrorism or peace in the middle east.

But as far as what soothes me, what inspires and moves me,
honesty behooves me to tell you your rage doesn’t move me.
See, like the darkest of clouds my heart has a silver lining,
which does not harken to the loudest whining,
but beats and stirs and grows ever more
when I learn of the things you’re actually for.

That’s why I’m for best friends, long drives, and smiles,
nothing but the sound of thinking for miles.
For the unconditional love of dogs:
may we learn the lessons of their love by heart.
For therapy when you need it,
and poetry when you need it.
And the wisdom to know the difference.

I’m for hard work, and homework,
and chapter tests, and cumulative exams,
and yearly science fairs, and pop quizzes
when you least expect them just to keep everybody honest.
For love and the fragile human heart,
may it always heal stronger than it was before.
For walks in the woods, and the for the woods themselves,
by which I mean the trees. Definitely for the trees.
Window seats, and locally brewed beer,
and love letters written by hand with fountain pens:
I’m for all of these.

For Galway Kinnell, and Rufus Wainright,
and Mos Def, and the Indigo Girls,
and getting closer to fine each and every day.

For the integrity it takes not to lightly suffer fools.
For God, and faith, and prayers, but not in public schools.

I’m for evolution more than revolution
unless you’re offering some kind of solution.
Isn’t that how we got the Consitution?

For charm and charisma and style
without being a self­‐important prig.
For chivalry and being a gentleman at the risk of being called a male chauvinist pig.

I’m for crushes not acted upon, for admiration from afar,
for intense sessions of self love,
especially if they make you a nicer person.

I’m for the courage it takes to volunteer, to say “yes,” “I believe in this,” and “I will.”
For the bright side, the glass half full, the silver lining,
and the optimists who consider darkness just a different kind of shining.

I’m for what can be achieved more than for what i would want in an ideal world.
I’m for working every day to make the world a better place
and not complaining about how it isn’t

So don’t waste my time and your curses on verses
about what you are against, despise, and abhor.
Tell me what inspires you, what fulfills and fires you,
put your gaddamn pen to paper and tell me what you’re for!

In 2004, after the re-election of George W. Bush, I was introduced to this poem by a friend. To overcome our frustration and sadness with that election, a group of us wrote about what we were for to deal with the outcome of that election.

Now twelve years later, after another disappointing election, I want to again focus on what I am for, rather than define myself by what I oppose:

I am for smiles from my baby and kisses from my wife in the morning
I am for working in community, learning to undo racism in my daily life and working alongside other white people to do this work.
I am for patronizing local bookstores, farmer markets, local restaurants and breweries, and keeping my money in my community
I am for good books, working out and other self-care practices to keep me ready for this ongoing struggle
I am for learning more from marginalized communities about how to be a better accomplice
I am for showing up for people of color.
I am for getting into nature and basking in the beauty of the outdoors, exploring creation whenever I can.
I am for continuing this fight without burning out.

What inspires you? What fulfills you? What fires you up? We need to be on fire to continue dismantling the oppressive systems at work in this country. This work will have needed to be done no matter who is in the White House. What has you going? How will you keep fighting these next four years?