Quaker Wedding

We will have a Quaker wedding ceremony with some hymns and scripture added in, representing the two traditions we come from: Quakerism and United Methodism.

“A Quaker wedding is a meeting for worship in which a marriage takes place. As the meeting for worship begins, some designated person may rise to explain, for the benefit of those new to Quaker worship, the absence of clergy, the role of the gathered, and the solemnity of the occasion. Printed information also has been found useful.

Following a period of silence, as long or as short as the couple is led to observe, the two rise and, each in turn taking the other by the hand, make their promises to each other, in the words from their marriage certificate, in tones clear enough to be heard throughout the meeting. When they are seated again, the marriage certificate is brought to them for their signatures. The certificate is then read to the meeting by a person asked in advance to do so. The meeting then continues and offers an opportunity to those present to share in the ceremony through prayer, meditation, and other spoken messages. The person chosen to close the meeting may, if desired, first allow the wedding party to withdraw. At the close of the meeting, all those who have been present are asked to sign the certificate as witnesses.

Friends are urged to consider carefully the intrusion into the spirit of worship that recording of any kind can present. Photographing, visible audio taping, and videotaping during the ceremony are often discouraged.”

This is taken from the Philadelphia Yearly Meeting website and here is more information.

Quaker Wedding Certificate

At the end of the ceremony, all the guests will be asked to sign the wedding certificate.

In unprogrammed Quaker weddings, no pastor or priest presides over the marriage ceremony. Instead the Quaker meeting (church) marries the couple and everyone present signs a wedding certificate to record that the ceremony took place in good order. The certificate stays with the couple and often hangs prominently in the home.


2 thoughts on “Quaker Wedding

    • Yes. To all of the above. 🙂 We don’t have a dress code. Just keep in mind that it’s on a farm in Iowa in August so keep it cool!

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