Official Events

We want to ensure that our guests enjoy their weekend and that out-of-town guests enjoy their visit to Iowa. To that end, we will be planning additional events (other than the wedding) throughout the weekend and suggesting other sites & events to visit. Send any thoughts or suggestions for making your weekend great our way!

Friday Evening

campfireEat, drink & be merry! For dinner (or as we say in Iowa ‘supper’), consider checking out Ryan’s Bar & Grill located right next to the Boulder’s hotel in Lake View, the Sac County Cattle Company in Sac City, or Dolly’s Bar & Grill in Auburn. Then later that night (9pm-ish) come over to the Bonsall’s Cabin for a fire by the lake (bride & groom to be present!). BYO – marshmallows, hot dogs, smore makings, drinks, etc.


The Bonsall Cabin is at 338 South State Road, Lake View IA. (If you want to enter this into a map direction program, enter in 3439 Quincy Ave, Lake View, IA. The Bonsall cabin is bright turquoise and has flamingo flags out front. Parking is available across the street.his will take you to the lot across from the cabin.)

Saturday Morning & Early Afternoon

For breakfast, Kathy’s Corner makes tasty French toast made with homemade bread (a favorite of the bride) and other tasty breakfast fare.

tubing funSummer fun! Swing by the Bonsall’s Cabin anytime before 2:30pm for some relaxing along the shore and also swimming, water skiing, tubing, biking, kayaking, and more! BYO – snacks, alcoholic drinks, etc.

Saturday Afternoon & Evening

Show time! Wedding Ceremony at 4:30pm at Prairie Pedlar with reception and dancing to follow. More information about ceremony & reception can be found here.

Sunday Brunch

dad knee boardingCome by the Bonsall’s Cabin for Sunday brunch starting at 10am and stay and enjoy more summer fun including swimming, water skiing, tubing, biking, kayaking, and more!


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