Ceremony and Reception

prairie pedlar

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Wedding Ceremony at 4:30pm

Reception and dancing to follow

Prairie Pedlar, Odebolt, Iowa


We feel so blessed to have found this charming and peaceful oasis for our Quaker wedding ceremony and reception. Prairie Pedlar is family-owned with over seven acres of gardens, a large refurbished barn, and a country school house. This site is just 25 minutes from Lake View.

For the dinner, we are using Farmtable Procurement to help make the meal be as local as possible. If interested in a blog post written about it, click here.

We will be serving homebrew beer and wine as well as standby favorites and non-alcoholic beverages.

There will be a bus providing transportation from Lake View to the wedding site before the ceremony and back to Lake View following the reception/dance. The bus will be leaving campground/Boulders Inn at two times: 2:40/2:45 and 3:40/3:45 and the bus will depart back to Lake View two times: 11pm and 12 midnight.

Prairie Pedlar
1609 – 270th Street
Odebolt, IA 51458

Photo Source: http://www.prairiepedlar.com


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